Miss Grand International 2019: Germany – Portugal

On Friday, October 25 at the Poliedro de Caracas hall in Venezuela will take place the final gala of this year’s Miss Grand International. 60 candidates are competing for the Miss Grand International 2019 title. Among them are Lalaine Desiree Mahler from Germany, Ocheche Favour from Nigeria, Vanessa Huerta Baldizón from Nicaragua, Carmen Drayton from Panama, Milena Rodríguez from Paraguay, Camila Escribens from Peru, Patrycja Woźniak from Poland, Belindé Bella Schreuder from South Africa, Hazel Marie Ortíz from Puerto Rico and Laura Gameiro from Portugal. Here are information about these finalists! 


(Lalaine Desiree Mahler, photo. Miss Grand Germany/Facebook)


Full Name: Lalaine Desiree Mahler

Age: 19 years

Height: 170 cm

City: Lampertheim

Education: high school student

Hobbies: dancing, singing, traveling



(Ocheche Favour, photo. Miss Grand Nigeria/Instagram)


Full Name: Ocheche Favour

Age: 20 years

Height: 182 cm

City: Cotonou

Education: specialist in international relations

Hobbies: swimming, watching documentaries, advocacy



(Vanessa Huerta Baldizón, photo. Wil Álvarez)


Full Name: Vanessa Huerta Baldizón

Age: 21 years


City: León

Education: graduate in marketing and advertising

Hobbies: modeling, photography, social media



(Carmen Drayton, photo. Carmen Drayton/Instagram)


Full Name: Carmen Drayton

Age: 23 years

Height: 174 cm

City: Portobelo

Education: graduate of tourism

Hobbies: swimming, tourism



(Milena Rodríguez, photo. David Israel Silva)


Full Name: Milena Rodríguez

Age: 20 years

Height: 171 cm

City: Encarnación

Education: student of law and international relations

Hobbies: playing the guitar, singing, athletics, basketball, playing with animals



(Camila Escribens, photo. Victor Arteaga)


Full Name: Camila Escribens

Age: 21 years

Height: 177 cm

City: Lima, Long Beach

Education: student of business administration

Hobbies: writing, ice skating, athletics, posing



(Patrycja Woźniak, photo. Miss Polonia/Facebook)


Full Name: Patrycja Woźniak

Age: 20 years

Height: 172 cm

City: Łask

Education: student of administration

Hobbies: modeling, fashion, makeup and a healthy lifestyle, gym, cooking



(Belindé Bella Schreuder, photo. Belindé Bella Schreuder/Instagram)


Full Name: Belindé Bella Schreuder

Age: 22 years

Height: 177 cm

City: Centurion

Education: graduate of public relations

Hobbies: nature protection, reading, parkrun




(Hazel Marie Ortíz, photo. Ricardo Acevedo)


Full Name: Hazel Marie Ortíz

Age: 22 years

Height: 170 cm

City: Orlando

Education: graduate in advertising and public relations

Hobbies: communication, dance



(Laura Gameiro, photo. Laura Gameiro/Instagram)


Full Name: Laura Gameiro

Age: 23 years

Height: 175 cm


Education: a specialist in customer service management

Hobbies: sport, dance, cinema, shopping



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