Miss Grand International 2019: Reunion – Italy

On Friday, October 25 at the Poliedro de Caracas hall in Venezuela will take place the final gala of this year’s Miss Grand International. 60 candidates are competing for the Miss Grand International 2019 title. Among them are Laëtitia Hoareau-Boyer from Reunion, Kamilla Khusainova from Russia, Ramona Vătămanu from Romania, Clara Linnea Wahlqvist from Sweden, Coco Arayha Suparurk from Thailand, Viktoriya Myronova from Ukraine, Emily Irene Delgado from USA, Valentina Figuera from Venezuela, Nguyễn Hà Kiều Loan from Vietnam and Mirea Sorrentino from Italy. Here are information about these finalists!


(Laëtitia Hoareau-Boyer, photo. Laëtitia Hoareau-Boyer/Instagram)


Full Name: Laëtitia Hoareau-Boyer

Age: 25 years

Height: 168 cm

City: Saint-Pierre

Education: specialist in children, family and parenting matters

Hobbies: pole dance, crossfit, cooking, shopping, hiking, sport, beach walks



(Kamilla Khusainova, photo. Anastasiya Romanova)


Full Name: Kamilla Khusainova

Age: 21 years

Height: 177 cm

City: Kazan

Education: student of physical culture, sport and tourism

Hobbies: sport, modeling



(Ramona Vătămanu, photo. Ramona Vătămanu/Instagram)


Full Name: Ramona Vătămanu

Age: 29 years

Height: 178 cm

City: Bucharest


Hobbies: modeling, education, photography, fitness, yoga, reading, walking, travelling



(Clara Linnea Wahlqvist, photo. Clara Linnea Wahlqvist/Facebook)


Full Name: Clara Linnea Wahlqvist

Age: 20 years

Height: 181 cm

City: Hässleholm

Education: law student

Hobbies: horse riding, volleyball, football



(Coco Arayha Suparurk, photo. Coco Arayha Suparurk/Instagram)


Full Name: Coco Arayha Suparurk

Age: 24 years

Height: 175 cm

City: Nakhon Phanom

Education: graduate of business administration and English




(Viktoriya Myronova, photo. Viktoriya Myronova/Instagram)


Full Name: Viktoriya Myronova

Age: 24 years

Height: 178 cm

City: Odessa

Education: graduate in Russian and Ukrainian philology

Hobbies: running, yoga, swimming, dancing, reading, theater



(Emily Irene Delgado, photo. Emily Irene Delgado/Instagram)


Full Name: Emily Irene Delgado

Age: 24 years

Height: 180 cm

City: Las Vegas

Education: special effects student

Hobbies: fishing, vegan baking, camping



(Valentina Figuera, photo. Victor Guillen)


Full Name: Valentina Figuera

Age: 19 years

Height: 184 cm

City: Puerto la Cruz

Education: architecture student

Hobbies: modeling, reading, yoga, conducting methodology classes



(Nguyễn Hà Kiều Loan, fot. Nguyễn Hà Kiều Loan/Instagram)


Full Name: Nguyễn Hà Kiều Loan

Age: 19 years

Height: 170 cm

City: Quảng Nam

Education: international business student




(Mirea Sorrentino, fot. Mirea Sorrentino/Instagram)


Full Name: Mirea Sorrentino

Age: 21 years

Height: 176 cm

City: Basilicata

Education: law student

Hobbies: cooking, volunteering



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