Great success of Maria Malo! Mexican girl is the 1st Runner-Up in Miss Grand International 2019!

On Friday, October 25 at the Poliedro de Caracas in Venezuela took place the Miss Grand International 2019 final. 60 candidates took part in the competition. The winner is 19-year-old Valentina Figuera from Venezuela, while the second place and the title of 1st Runner-Up went to the Mexico’s representative, 22-year-old María Malo from Huixquilucan. This is Mexico’s best position in the Miss Grand International history! 

(María Malo, photo. Miss Mexico Grand/Instagram)

María Malo or actually María Malo Juvera Raimond Kedilhac is 22 years old and 181 cm tall. She is a graduate of digital marketing and fashion design. She work as a model. She loves reading, music, art, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

María has extensive experience in beauty contests. She won the Miss Estado de México 2017. She was in the TOP 5 of Miss México 2018 competition (the winner in this edition was Vanessa Ponce de León, later Miss World 2018). In 2018 she won the Miss Estado de México title again, and in June this year she took part in the finals of the Miss México 2019 first phase. She won Miss México Grand 2019 title!

The Miss Grand International 2019 competition took place on October 9-25 in Venezuela. During this time, candidates for the crown took part in a number of events and activities, i.e. photo sessions, cultural trips, charity events or shopping, and also presented themselves to the audience and the jury in many competition shows.

Maria did a great job! On Thursday, October 17 she delighted the jury during the Swimsuit Competition at the Tamanaco InterContinental Hotel and was promoted to the TOP 10 of this competition. She was also in the TOP 10 of the competition for the Best National Costume. This competition took place on Monday, October 21.

(María Malo in swimsuit and national costume during the Miss Grand International 2019, photo: Miss Grand International/Facebook)

On Friday, October 25, during the Miss Grand International 2019 final, María Malo appeared in a flimsy red-gold dress, swimsuit and two evening dresses. She also gave a beautiful peaceful message to the world!

(María Malo in swimsuit and evening gown during the Miss Grand International 2019 final, photo: Miss Grand International/Facebook)

Finally she took second place losing only with the host’s representative – 19-year-old Valentina Figuera!

(from the left: Valentina Figuera and María Malo just before the results announced, photo: Miss Grand International/Facebook)

It is very important that Maria won the hearts of the audience and Internet users! She was among the ten most popular candidates in online voting (Miss Popular Vote), and earlier she was in the five candidates whose photos were most often liked and shared on social media. As part of the prize, María and other winners took part in a special dinner with Nawat Itsaragrisil – president of the Miss Grand International.

María Malo’s second place is the best of Mexican woman results in the Miss Grand International history. Earlier, representatives of this country were promoted to TOP 10 (Lezly Díaz in 2018) and TOP 20 (Marsha Ramírez in 2014, Aracely Azar in 2015, Paulina Flores in 2016 and Yoana Gutiérrez in 2017).

(from the left: María Malo and Valentina Figuera shortly after the coronation, photo: Miss Grand International/Facebook)


PHOTO. Miss Grand International/Facebook

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