Venezuela will host the Miss Grand International 2020!

On Friday, October 25 during the Miss Grand International 2019 final was announced a country which will host this competition in next year! As it turned out, the Miss Grand International 2020 pageant will be held again in Venezuela! 

When in this year March,  Miss Grand International Organization has announced that the grouping and final of the Miss Grand International 2019 will take place in Venezuela, many national organizers and fans have been concerned! It was feared that the country in crisis would not be able to ensure the safety of candidates. Due to the volatile situation in Venezuela, countries such as Cambodia, South Korea, Denmark, Jamaica, New Zealand, England, Wales, Scotland and Zambia have withdrawn their representatives from the event.

Nawat Itsaragrisil, president of Miss Grand International said in an interview that he wanted to show people around the world that Venezuela is a safe and fair country.

Miss Grand International 2019 grouping lasted two weeks. During this time, the candidates went on cultural trips, took part in photo sessions or went shopping. The final took place in the Poliedro de Caracas hall in the capital of Venezuela. It was there was announced that next year’s Miss Grand International elections would be held again in Venezuela!

The choice of Venezuela as the host of international beauty pageant seems to be in line with the Miss Grand International idea. The competition aims to stop violence and war and to help people in need. And Venezuela is currently in a difficult situation, and many Venezuelans need help!

It is worth remembering that Venezuela is the second country after the United States (2016) outside Asia, which will organize the grouping and the final of Miss Grand International. Previously, the competition was hosted three times in Thailand (2013-2015) and once in Vietnam (2017) and in Myanmar (2018).


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