Reina Hispanoamericana 2019 pageant is canceled!

At the end of October organizers of Reina Hispanoamericana announced that this year’s edition of this pageant had been canceled due to political unrest in Bolivia, which was to host the competition! Participants who managed to come to the grouping had to return to their countries. It is not yet known when or if this event will take place! 


(Official statement of Promociones Gloria, photo: Karawisa/Facebook)

On Sunday, October 27 the President of Promociones Gloria issued a statement addressed to the national directors and participants of this year’s Reina Hispanoamericana edition. In the letter stated that due to the political situation that is taking place in Bolivia (there were rioting and clashing after the election), the organizers were not able to accept and ensure a safe stay for the claimants to the crown. And this means that this year’s edition will be suspended until further notice!

The decision is surprising because the statement was issued at a time when the candidates began fly to Bolivia to the grouping. The Reina Hispanoamericana 2019 final was to take place on Saturday, November 9. Girls who came to the pageant had to return to their countries…

There were voices that is a chance that the competition will take place in the second half of November. The organizers expect that the situation will improve in the coming days, but this is not certain. Nothing has been officially confirmed!


PHOTO. Reina Hispanoamericana/Facebook

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