Toni-Ann Singh from Jamaica is the new Miss World!

23-year-old Toni-Ann Singh from Jamaica won the crown of the most beautiful woman in the world during the Miss World 2019 gala on Saturday! A beautiful student from Florida defeated as many as 110 rivals from around the globe, including a representative of France – 20-year-old Ophély Mézino (1st runner-up) and India – 21-year-old Suman Rao (2nd runner-up). Representatives of Brazil and Nigeria secured their promotion to the final five of the competition. Also successful were 20-year-old Ashley Alvídrez from Mexico, who was promoted to TOP 12 and 20-year-old Milena Sadowska from Poland, who was in the TOP 40. 

The Miss World 2019 final took place on Saturday, December 14 at the ExCel London exhibition and conference center in London. The British capital was hosting the competition for the forty-fifth time (earlier editions: 1951-1988, 1990, 1999-2000, 2002, 2011 and 2014). The pre-final grouping started in the second half of November. 111 candidates who took part in it participated in various types of events and also competed in mini competitions for direct promotion to TOP 40.

During the grand final, the claimants for the title of Miss World 2019 performed on stage in national costumes (during the Dances of the World show), evening gowns and silver overalls.

(Candidates of Miss World 2019 in national costumes, photos: AFP/East News)

(Candidates of Miss World 2019 in overalls, photo: Getty Images)

To TOP 40 are qualified winners of mini competitions and Head-to-Head competition (selected during the grouping) and girls selected by the jury. In this year, the judges included, among others, Wilnelia Merced Forsyth (Miss World 1975), Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008), Julia Morley (President of the Miss World Organization), Carina Tyrrell (Miss England 2014) and Kamal Ibrahim (Mister World 2010).

From the TOP 40 judges selected TOP 12 and TOP 5, which included the best candidates from each continent (one from Africa, one from America, one from Asia and Oceania, one from Europe and one from the Caribbean). From among them has been chosen the most beautiful woman in the world. She is 23-year-old Toni-Ann Singh from Jamaica.

(Toni-Ann Singh as Miss World 2019, photo: AFP/East News)

Toni-Ann Singh is 167 cm tall. She was born in Morant Bay, Jamaica, but has lived in Florida for over fourteen years. She studies female sciences and psychology. She loves to sing, cook, make a vlog and work as a volunteer. She worked, among others as president of the Caribbean students’ association.

Toni-Ann Singh wants to fight against women’s empowerment. She is also a staunch advocate of raising awareness about mental health.

(Toni-Ann Singh during the Miss World 2019 final, photos: Getty Images, Just Jared)

In September this year Toni-Ann Singh took part in the Miss Jamaica 2019 pageant. She won the competition and she was declared the national representative of Miss World 2019! During the international elections, she not only won the title of the most beautiful woman in the world! She also won the Miss World Talent mini competition and was among the forty semi-finalists of the Top Model mini competition!

It is worth knowing that Toni-Ann Singh is the fourth representative of Jamaica who managed to win the Miss World pageant. Earlier, the crown was won by Carole Joan Crawford (Miss World 1963), Cindy Breakspeare (Miss World 1976) and Lisa Hanna (Miss World 1993).

(Toni-Ann Singh – Miss World 2019, photos. Just Jared)

The title of 1st Runner-Up in Miss World 2019 was won by 20-year-old Ophély Mézino from France. A chemistry student is 173 cm tall and lives in Morne-à-l’Eau, Guadeloupe. She knows sign language very well, and in the future would like to start a company that translates this language. Ophély is interested in history and biology. She likes sport and horse riding.

(Ophély Mézino – 1st Runner-Up of Miss World 2019, photos. AFP/Daniel Leal-Olivas)

The title of 2nd Runner-Up in Miss World 2019 was attended by 21-year-old Suman Rao from India. Model and accounting student comes from the Udaipur city, but lives in Mumbai. She is 177 cm tall. She speaks three languages, loves dance.

(Suman Rao – 2nd Runner-Up of Miss World 2019, photos. AFP/East News, India Times)

In TOP 5 was placed 19-year-old Elís Coelho – a model and influencer from Brazil and 21-year-old Nyekachi Douglas – student of public health from Nigeria.

(from the left: Toni-Ann Singh, Suman Rao, Elís Coelho, Ophély Mézino i Nyekachi Douglas, photos. AFP/East News)

TOP 12 was also completed by 24-year-old Michelle Daniela Dee from the Philippines, 18-year-old Maria Nyamai Wavinya from Kenya, 20-year-old Ashley Alvídrez from Mexico, 23-year-old Anushka Shrestha from Nepal, 20-year-old Alina Sanko from Russia, 19-year-old Lương Thùy Linh from Vietnam and 26-year-old Tajiya Eikura Sahay from the Cook Islands.

Ashley Alvídrez is 175 cm tall and she comes from Ciudad Juárez, but she was born in Texas, United States. She is a student of business administration and a professional model. Her great passion is sport, especially athletics, basketball, volleyball and horse riding. She is the winner of the Miss México 2019 pageant.

Thanks to winning in the Head-to-Head competition, Ashley Alvídrez gained direct promotion to the TOP 40. Thanks to the votes of the jury she qualified to TOP 12. In addition, she was also less successful – she took 2nd place in the Multimedia mini competition and was in the TOP 40 in Top Model mini competition!

(Ashley Alvídrez during the Miss World 2019 final, photos: AFP/East News)

To TOP 40 in Miss World 2019 have also been promoted: Bhasha Mukherjee from England, Taqiyyah Francis from Antigua and Barbuda, Sarah Marschke from Australia, Rikkiya Brathwaite from the British Virgin Islands, Peishan Li from China, Natasja Kunde from Denmark , Joylyn Anita Conway from Guyana, María del Mar Aguilera Zuheros from Spain, Lila Lam from Hong Kong, Princess Mikhaelia Megonondo from Indonesia, Alexis Sue Yin from Malaysia, Elizaveta Kuznitova from Moldova, Tsevelmaa Mandakh from Mongolia, Lucy Brock from New Zealand, Araceli Bobadilla from Paraguay, Milena Sadowska from Poland, Sasha-Lee Olivier from South Africa, Inês Brusselmans from Portugal, Daniella Rodríguez from Puerto Rico, Emmy Cuvelier from the United States, Keryn Matthew from Scotland, Narintorn Chadapattarawalrachoat from Thailand, Tya Janè La Shon Ramey from Trinidad and Tobago, Sabrine Mansour from Tunisia, Oliver Nakakande from Uganda, Marharyta Pasha from Ukraine, Isabella Rodríguez from Venezuela and Gabriella Jukes from Wales.

Milena Sadowska is the winner of the Miss Polonia 2018 pageant. A beautiful Polish woman comes from Babice in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. She is 175 cm tall and is a student of journalism and social communication. She is interested in fashion, horse riding, cycling and inline skating.

Promotion to the TOP 40 of this year’s Miss World pageant is not only success on Milena Sadowska’s account. During the grouping in London, she was also promoted to the TOP 40 in Top Model mini competition!

(Milena Sadowska – Miss World Poland 2019, photo. Miss Polonia)


Photo: Miss World

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