Gabriela Barnat represented Poland in the Miss Global 2019/2020 pageant

On Saturday, January 18 in the Oaxaca city in Mexico took place the final of the Miss Global 2019/2020 international competition. Among the fifty-five contenders for the crown was 32-year-old Gabriela Barnat from Poland! The model and traveler fought worthily for the title of the most beautiful woman. Unfortunately, she failed to get promotion to TOP 25. The pageant was won by 23-year-old Karolína Kokešová from the Czech Republic, and the grand final ended in a scandal. 

The grouping of this year’s Miss Global edition started in early January and lasted two weeks. During the competition candidates took part in rehearsals, practiced choreographies and visited the Oaxaca and Mexico cities. Among the fifty-five contenders for the crown was also 32-year-old Gabriela Barnat from Poland.

Gabriela is 178 cm tall. She has been living in the Yerbabuena city in Colombia  and Iceland for a year. She comes from Warsaw. She studied psychology, but is professionally involved in marketing and modeling. She is a co-founder of the influencer marketing agency. Her greatest passion is Ethnic fashion. She loves travels (she traveled around the world), sport (she practiced martial arts and volleyball), gym exercises and dance (Tribal Fusion dance inspired by ethnic dance, belly dance, flamenco, hip hop and popping).

(Gabriela Barnat – Miss Global Poland 2019, photos. SPIRO Photographer,

During the grand final of Miss Global 2019/2020, which took place on Saturday, January 18 in the Mexican city of Oaxaca, Gabriela performed in a national costume inspired by the pattern of the highlander „parzenica”. She also brought to Mexico a swimsuit made of a material that is made of recycled ocean pollution!

Unfortunately, despite the great preparation Polish representative failed to reach the TOP 25. The winner of pageant was 23-year-old Karolína Kokešová from the Czech Republic. The grand finale of pageant ended with a scandal. One of the sponsors interrupted the competition stating that the organizer had manipulated the results. Outraged and tired candidates left the stage, and some openly accused the sponsor of corruption and favoring the representative of Mexico.

(from the left: Gabriela Barnat – Miss Global Poland and Palmira Ruíz – Miss Global Mexico, photo. Isaac R.)


PHOTO. Gabi Barnat/Facebook

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