Palmira Ruíz represented Mexico in the Miss Global 2019/2020 pageant.

On Saturday, January 18 in the Oaxaca city in Mexico took place the final of the Miss Global 2019/2020 international competition. Among the fifty-five contenders for the crown was 27-year-old Palmira Ariannda Ruiz Vigueras from Mexico, who advanced to the TOP 11 of this competition. The pageant was won by 23-year-old Karolína Kokešová from the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, the grand finale ended in a scandal. 

The grouping of this year’s Miss Global edition started in early January and lasted two weeks. During the competition candidates took part in rehearsals, practiced choreographies and visited the Oaxaca and Mexico cities. Among the fifty-five contenders for the crown was also 27-year-old Palmira Ariannda Ruiz Vigueras from Mexico.

Palmira is 171 cm tall. She comes from Huajuapan de León but lives in Oaxaca. She is a graduate of communication sciences studies, a model and dancer of classical ballet. She also works as a television reporter. She cooperated with such stations as Ultratelevisión Puebla, Tv Azteca Puebla, MVM News Oaxaca and TV Azteca Oaxaca.

(Palmira Ariannda Ruiz Vigueras – Miss Global Mexico 2019, photos. Palmira Ruíz/Instagram)

Palmira can boast of winning the Miss Globe Oaxaca 2019 state competition and Miss Global México 2019 nationwide pageant!

During the Miss Global 2019/2020 final Palmira was promoted to TOP 25 and TOP 11. Unfortunately, she did not reach to the final five.

After the announcement of TOP 5, one of the Mexican organizers was entered to the stage. The man interrupted the final claiming that the main organizer was manipulating the results. A scandal broke out. Unfortunately, this whole situation made Palmira a victim of gossip. There were voices that the angry sponsor had interrupted the competition because the Mexican representative had not advanced to the final five. What’s more, some candidates, led by Miss Colombia said that the Mexican woman had been explicitly favored by the organizers from the beginning. They reported that she had her own make-up artist and distanced herself from other girls. It was even suggested that the Mexican sponsor demanded that Palmira win the competition or be in the TOP 5!

Both the Mexican organizers and Palmira Ruíz denied these shocking reports. However, they confirmed that at the finals took place the fraud, claiming that all responsibility was borne by the main organizer of the competition – Van Pham. Their version was supported by some participants, including Miss Argentina.

(from the left: Gabriela Barnat – Miss Global Poland and Palmira Ruíz – Miss Global Mexico, photo. Isaac R.)



PHOTO. Palmira Ruíz/Instagram

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