Manhunt International 2019: Poland

In the Philippines has started the oldest male beauty contest – Manhunt International. Thirty-six candidates participate in this year’s edition. Among the participants is the Polish representative – 23-year-old Adrian Michałowski. Here are basic information about a handsome Pole from Zgorzelec! Let’s find out where comes from the winner of the Manhunt Poland 2019 title and what are his interested! 


(Adrian Michałowski in a suit, photo. Manhunt Poland/Facebook)

Full Name: Adrian Michałowski

Age: 23 years

Height: 190 cm

City: Lubań/Zgorzelec

Voivodeship: Lower Silesia

Nationality: Polish




(Adrian Michałowski, photo. Manhunt Poland/Facebook)


– graduate of the University of Philology in Wroclaw

– 2nd year student of preparing foreigners for the opportunity to study the Economics and Linguistics specialization at the Hochschule in Zittau/Gorlitz.

Occupation: model, lifeguard, swimming instructor

Hobbies: modeling, traveling, playing the guitar, swimming



Successes in other competitions:

Interesting facts:

He was a juror in the Miss Polonia of the Greater Poland Voivodeship 2019 pageant.


(Adrian Michałowski with the Polish flag, photo. Manhunt Poland/Facebook)

Favorite book?

Can’t hurt me – David Goggins

Favorite movie/tv series?

Harry Potter XD

Favorite actor/favorite actress?

Brilliant Leonardo di Caprio and Meryl Streep




(Manhunt Poland 2019, photo. Manhunt Poland/Facebook)

Favorite song?

11PM – Maluma

Favorite band/musician?

I try not to limit myself.

Favorite food?




(Adrian Michałowski, photo. Manhunt Poland/Facebook)

Favorite color?


Favourite place?


Favorite season?

Autumn and Spring.

Favorite subject (item)?




PHOTO. Manhunt Poland/Facebook

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