Miss Eco International 2020 pageant is postponed because of coronavirus!

On Tuesday, March 17, Organization of Miss Eco International announced that for the safety of all participants and organizers of the Miss Eco International 2020 pageant, the grouping and final of this year’s edition are postponed! The competition will not start on March 23, but two months later, on May 26. The grand finale will take place on June 11. 

The decision to postpone the date of the Miss Eco International 2020 pageant was made in connection with the growing pandemic of the coronavirus that is harvesting around the world. Following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Egyptian Council of Ministers, the organizers of the competition decided that this year’s election would start on Tuesday, May 26, while the grand finale would take place on Thursday, June 11 (initially the competition was to take place from March 23 to April 11).

Among the participants who will take part in the pageant will be representatives of Poland (Anna Walewska – Miss Eco Poland 2020) and Mexico (Jazmín Olvido Munguía Borrego – Miss Eco). We keep our fingers crossed!


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