7 questions to … Arkady Zadrożny

Arkady Zadrożny is a 22-year-old resident of Białystok, Mister Podlasia (Mister of Podlaskie Region) 2017 and 4th Runner-Up of Mister Polski (Mister Poland) 2017. In April this year, He took part in the prestigious Mister International pageant, which ended with promotion to TOP 16! In a short interview from the series of “7 questions to …” he will talk about his preparations for competitions, impressions from Myanmar, and reveal what is his favorite series or what dish he likes best! I invite you to read! 

1.) You study law at the University of Bialystok, before, still at school, you trained karate shotokan and played in the Białystok’s club KKS Piast Bialystok. So where did the idea to participate in the men’s beauty contest come from?

It may sound narcissistic, but I was aware of my appearance. I heard opinions that something is in me. In addition, despite the slight interest on my part of this competition, it was impossible not to hear about previous misters. It is known, such stories affect the imagination. In connection with the above, when I found information about the regional casting in Podlasie, I decided to take part in it. I never feel like anything big, I treated it as a fun and addition to everyday life. As time has shown, it was worth it, because I experienced a wonderful adventure and I met great people with whom great contact is maintained.

2.) Preparations for the Mister Podlasia (Mister of Podlaskie Region) 2017 elections lasted four months. Later, there were preparations for the semifinals and final of Mister Polski (Mister Poland) 2017. How do you recall these stages of the competition?

In both stages, great emphasis was placed on choreography. It was my first contact with dance lessons, but I think it was not bad ? . The main difference was that at the regional stage we met on a once-twice a week trial, and in the national stage we were leaving for a grouping of several days and we were still together. As far as contact between participants is concerned, it is difficult to make everyone become great friends. As in each group, subgroups were formed, but everything proceeded under the sign of healthy competition. I personally did not have any trouble with any of the participants. I would add that the nationwide grouping was something that I will remember for a long time, because it resembled sports camps, for which I rode for the “kid”, and I love the atmosphere that prevails in this type of groupings.

(Arkady Zadrożny during the grouping of Miss and Mister of Podlaskie Voivodeship 2017. PHOTO. Maciej Łozowski)

3.) As the 4th Runner-Up of Mister Poland, you have been invited to participate in the prestigious international pageant – Mister International. How did you react to this offer? What were the preparations for the trip?

When I heard about the possibility of going to this competition I was very excited. I knew that I had the chance to go to an international competition, but I did not know it would happen so quickly and for such a competition. As for the preparations, of course, in physical terms to present my figure from the best side. I knew that during this competition we will have many photo sessions so before the trip I took part in many sessions, so that later I could feel comfortable in front of the camera. I visited several newspapers and radio stations, talking about myself and the competition, which I also consider to be a stage of preparation based on increasing self-confidence. I also increased the number of classes from English to two a week, so that I would not have any problems communicating with other participants, organizers and people who were with us. The last part of the preparation was to prepare the appropriate clothes for the competition, which thanks to the invaluable help of the organizers of the elections in Podlasie went very smoothly, for which I am extremely grateful to them.

(Arkady Zadrożny in the official photo session and nobility outfit. PHOTO. Michał Obrycki)

4.) How would you describe Burma, its culture and its inhabitants? What made the biggest impression on you?

You can see that this is a country that is just developing. In the city centers you can meet modern buildings or shopping malls, but the vast majority of buildings are already years old. Residents are smiling and very obliging. What struck me the most was that the inhabitants of this country are very low by European standards. Although I do not belong to the highest myself, I could feel like a giant (haha). The Pagoda (Buddhist temple) in Yangon made a great impression on me. A very tall building made of gold, something indescribable. I can not forget the taste of watermelons that I ate there. I have never eaten such a good watermelon in my life, and in Poland, unfortunately, we must be satisfied with a worse, much inferior version of these fruits.

5.) Thirty-seven candidates from around the world fought for the title of Mister International. You managed to make contact despite cultural and language barriers?

That’s right, we were a cultural mix, but somehow we managed to communicate. Already before the competition, I collected most of the boys for the facebook group, which allowed us to get to know each other before we left. On the spot, the biggest problems were conversations with Spanish-speaking participants and with the Chinese, because they did not speak well, or not at all in English. I will note that the Chinese, despite linguistic deficiencies, was the person with whom contact made us the most happy. Of course, all this took place in a positive atmosphere. Personally, I got very good contact with Asians, Brazilian and boys from Europe. I consider myself a fairly social person and easily make new contacts, so I do not want to write individual countries, I have already spoken up enough (haha).

(Arkady Zadrożny during the Mister International grouping. PHOTO. Mister International)

6.) You are in the TOP 16 of the Mister International 2017 competition! How does it feel to be in the group of sixteen of the most handsome men in the world? Did promotion change something in your life, somehow influenced it?

To be appreciated this way it’s definitely a great feeling. I feel a bit unsatisfied, but I did my best and did not have much impact on the final result, so I do not bother. When it comes to changes in life, it happened mainly within me. I have achieved a better result than the last two Polish Misters in the same competition, myself not being a champion, so this is certainly a reason for satisfaction. My self-confidence has increased, I know that I can find myself in a new situation, even if I am thrown into such a cultural mix. The competition also showed me that I am doing great in a stressful situation. I know that the Mister Polski Office was very happy with me, so it’s nice too. As for other changes, I had the opportunity to sit in the jury during the semifinals of this year’s edition of Mister Polski, as well as give a short interview in the backstage, so I feel appreciated. Unfortunately, there were no cooperation offers for my performance, which I was quietly counting on, but difficult. Last year showed that a lot can change in a short time, so I’m good at it. I can handle it.

(Arkady Zadrożny during the Mister International grouping. PHOTOS. Mister International/Arkady Zadrożny)

7.) Questions from the series of favorite:

Your Favorite book?

“Harry Potter” – from this series my reading adventure began and I read all parts of this series ten times.

Your favorite movie/tv series?

„Vikings” tv series.

Your Favorite band?

I guess it’s about a band, but if I do not have one I will cheat and I will mention a football team, Chelsea London.

Your Favorite food?

Thin cheese pizza.

Your Favorite color?


The role model (why)?

There is no specific person to follow. I try to get the best from various people who have achieved success in the fields that interest me.

What do you like and what don’t you like people for?

I like people who are open, with a sense of humor and a distance to myself. I do not like foolishness, self-conceit and machining my butt, having no idea about this person or about what that person actually does.

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