The Mexicana Universal 2020 competition will take place at the turn of September and October!

On Tuesday, March 18, during an online broadcast on social media, Lupita Jones announced that this year’s edition of the Mexicana Universal competition will take place at the turn of September and October. Thirty-two candidates will take part in the competition, and the jury will select national representatives for the Miss Universe, Miss International, Reina Hispanoamericana and Miss Charm International pageants. 

In this year will take place the 3rd edition of the Mexicana Universal pageant. Everything seemed to indicate that the competition will take place as usual in June, but the current situation with which the whole world is struggling has verified these plans. On Tuesday, March 18, Lupita Jones announced in social media that this year’s election was postponed to September and October.

Due to the postponement of the competition, the obligation to prepare candidates will rest with regional organizers. What’s more, Lupita Jones pointed out that when choosing the most beautiful Mexican will count the best preparation and knowledge of English (girls who do not speak English will be automatically deprived of the chance to win the titles of Miss Universe Mexico and Miss International Mexico).

For the first time in the history of reality show, the weekly eliminations have been abandoned, which means that all participants will qualify for the final! There will be thirty state’s miss (selected in state competitions) and two girls nominated by the national organizer.

It is not yet known the city that will host the Mexicana Universal 2020 pageant nor the television station that will broadcast this election. It is also known that will change the composition of the jury, which will choose the most beautiful Mexican women.

We would like to remind you that during this year’s edition of Mexicana Universal will be selected representatives of Mexico for the Miss Universe 2020, Reina Hispanoamericana 2020, Miss International 2021 and Miss Charm International 2021 pageants.


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