„I think that true beauty is inside” – interview with Paul Luzineau – Manhunt International 2019/2020

Paul Luzineau is a Dutch model who in February this year won the jubilee 20th edition of Manhunt International competition. In an interview with the Imperium Miss – Empire of Miss, the winner of the oldest beauty contest for men talks about the feelings accompanying him during the finals, his return to the Netherlands, and also reveals his secret for victory and his plans for further rule. I invite you to read! 

1.) First of all, congratulations on your great success! You are the most handsome man in the world! How do you feel with this title?

Thank you! It’s a amazing feeling to win the title of Manhunt International, sometimes I still can’t believe that I won this amazing title.

2.) You are the first Dutchman who win the Manhunt International competition. I guess that your return to the country caused quite a stir. Can you tell us how your countrymen received you?

When I landed it was quit a stir. When I landed, I thought that all my family and friend where at work. So it was a big suprise when I saw them at the airport. There were also two big television programs that wanted to interview me. So that was a very nice welcome!

(Paul Luzineau after returning to the Netherlands, photo: Manhunt International/Facebook)

3.) As the most handsome man in the Netherlands you wanted to increase in confidence on self-confidence among Dutch young people. How did you manage to implement this plans? How do you think you can use your acquired titles to help others, especially now when you are the most handsome man in the world?

Yes, that is a good question. What I want to achieve is to show that if you work very hard at something, you can do it! I think that true beauty is inside, so if you reflect your inner beauty, you live with more confidence. And I hope to bring that over to the youth.

4.) What is your secret to being a Manhunt?

My secrects of being a Manhunt is: always remain yourself, and treat other people that how you want to be treaten. Stay also physically healthy and mentally aswel.

(from the left: Vicent Llorach – Manhunt International 2018 and Paul Luzineau – Manhunt International 2019/2020, photo: Manhunt Netherlands/Facebook)

5.) Can you release the secret and reveal what activities related to fulfilling Manhunt’s duties await you in the near future?

When the Covid-19 pandemic will over, I will go back to the Philippines and I will work as a model there. And when We are able to fly again, I hope to visit a lot of countries and take part in the Manhunt national finals.

6.) I haven’t asked you yet about the course of the Manhunt International elections which you took part in! How do you remember the grouping and the final?

The whole week of Manhunt International was amazing! The grouping was very nice, all the boys were so nice to each other. I didn’t feel it was a competition, it was more like meeting new friends. All the boys were so hype up and little bit nervous some more then others. But there was a very nice atmosphere on the backstage. The finale itself was very nice, but eventually we had to moment to announce the top 16. At that moment I was very nervous because I was the last one to be called on stage. Throughout the whole final I had a good feeling, but I don’t expect to win. And when Rosko Dickinson declared me as winner, I was so happy! I couldn’t believe it, I still can’t say how happy I was and still I am that I won!

(Paul Luzineau during the Manhunt International final, photo: Manhunt International/Facebook)

7.) I know that you could not wait to go to the Philippines.. During such an intense week did you manage to visit this place, taste the Philippine cuisine? How do you rate this country at all?

During the week of Manhunt International, we didn’t have lots of time to see the culture of the Philippines and try the Philippine cuisine. Luckily, I was there one week earlier then the other contestants so I saw al little bit of Manila and I enjoyed it very much!

(Paul Luzineau during a visit in Manila, photos: Paul Luzineau / Instagram, Manhunt International/Facebook)

8.) One of your competitors was the Polish representative. How do you remember and rate Adrian Michałowski?

Adrian is a very nice guy. How I remember him, he was a entertainer of the group. He was always putting music on with the activities, that’s why I always called him a DJ POLAND.

(Paul Luzineau during a fashion show in Milan, photo: Paul Luzineau/Instagram)

9.) Before participating in Manhunt International, you worked as a model. You were, among others in Milan. Can you tell for my readers what does the model’s work on a foreign contract look like?

Yes, before my current study, I worked as model in Milan and Amsterdam. As a model in other country, you present yourself to representatives of brands. If brand’s representatives like your look, they can book you for job. You could get jobs on the runway, photo shoot or a commercial work.

The period when I was in Italy was a fashion week, so most of the jobs which I booked were for the runway, because the brand were launching there new clothing line.

10.) At the end of the interview, let’s get back to your beginnings in beauty contests. In April last year you became the winner of the title of De Mooiste Man van Nederland 2019. How you recall your participation in the competition that enabled you to run in the elections of Manhunt International and how did you prepare for Misters of The Netherlands 2019 pageant?

Back then I used my modeling experience in my advantage, because I knew a little bit how to walk on a catwalk and how to shoot in photo sessions. Beside that, I went to the gym four times a week to get my shape in better condition.

I think that I do didn’t more. I just presented myself as I am.

(Paul Luzineau as the winner of De Mooiste Man van Nederland 2019, photos: Misters of the Netherlands/Facebook)

10.) Thank you for answering on my questions. In conclusion, I would like to know what I and my readers can wish you for the year?

What, I hope that I will be healthy in the current situation in we are. I also hope that I will travel when it’s possible again and I will be able to do my tasks as Manhunt International.

11.) It is a tradition that my interlocutor also answers a short questions from the “favorite” series:

  • Favorite book?

The Bible.

  • Favorite movie/TV series?

Avengers: Endgame.

  • Favorite actor /favorite actress?

Chris Hemsworth.

  • Favorite song?

So sick – Ne-Yo.

  • Favorite band/musician?


  • Favorite food?

Steak with fries!

  • Favorite color?


  • Favorite place?


  • Favorite season?


  • Favorite thing (item)?

Manhunt ring.

  • A role model (why)?

My father, he is a strong physically and mentally men and a big role model in my eyes!

  • What do you like in people and what you don’t like in people?

I like honest people who enjoy life, and I don’t like is if people lie. 


PHOTO. Roy Froma Fotografie

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