The 5th anniversary of the Imperium Miss – Empire of Miss website!

Exactly five years ago – on Saturday, May 9, I published the first post on my newly founded blog called Moda na Miss (Fashion on Miss). It was a review of the Miss Russia 2015 final. Very interesting coincidence, because it is on this day that the Eastern Bloc countries including Russia are celebrating Victory Day (also in Poland until 2014). By publishing the abovementioned post, I did not yet know that the beautiful Sofia Nikitchuk will become the Runner-Up of Miss World, and my blog will turn into a bilingual website… I could say that this date brought us luck and we had some kind of victory … 

When some time later, on the network appeared the information that the site on which I run my blog would stop working, I had to decide what to do next? Because I didn’t want to finish creating content, I decided to create my own website! And so at the beginning of 2017, the Moda na Miss (Fashion on Miss) blog became the website of the same name. Appeared a new logo which later inspired me to change the name of my website. Ultimately, in 2018 the site debuted under a new name – Imperium Miss – Empire of Miss. This name applies until today. And although there is no trace of the old name, it is the same website – website which is run as a hobby site with news about Polish, Mexican, international and foreign beauty pageants, interviews, entries introducing the profiles of participants, descriptions of the finals and other interesting articles.

Since the publication of the my first entry five fantastic years have passed. Five years full of competition’s emotions. During this period, I had the opportunity to witness the emergence of new pageants or license reforms in existing competitions. Some of these competitions are no longer available or exist under a changed name. I also managed to make many interesting acquaintances, including with organizers or participants. I also did some interviews that you can read on my website. Unfortunately, I was also a witness of behind-the-scenes skirmishes between organizers or fan circles, of whose existence I had no idea as a “regular” fan of beauty contests.

Today, by posting the above entry I am a different person than I was when I started my blogging adventure. However, there is something that has certainly not changed – I’m still a big fan of beauty pageants! And I still have a great desire to create new entries to bring for my readers a world of beauty contests!

Thank you very much to all my readers. Thank you to those who have been with me since the beginning of my online activity. It is very nice to wake up with the knowledge that the work, which I do, makes sense and my posts reach to people all over the world!

I hope you will stay with me for the next years. In my head are more ideas for new series, interviews and entries. I hope that health and possibilities will allow to it. And I hope that you will have patience with me as an author!

My dears! I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all that you would win only in yours life. You do not give up, You do not be ashamed of your passions, You do develop yours interests! You don’t be afraid to open up to the world, try new things. You respect others. Everyone is different, but everyone is unique. And the real beauty lies inside man!

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