Vanessa Ponce de León founder of the “Crowns against viruses” action. Mexican beauty queens help those in need!

At the beginning of April, Vanessa Ponce de León (Miss Mexico 2018 and Miss World 2018) announced in her social media about the start of the “Coronas contra el virus” project (“Crown against the virus” in english). To the campaign were involved other Mexican beauty queens – Ximena Navarrete (Nuestra Belleza México 2009, Miss Universe 2010), Andrea Toscano (Mexicana Universal 2018, 1st Runner-Up of Miss International 2019), Sofía Aragón (Mexicana Universal 2019, 2nd Runner-Up of Miss Universe 2019) and Denisse Franco (Nuestra Belleza México 2017/Mexicana Universal 2017). 

The “Crowns against the virus” action (Coronas contra el virus in Spanish) aims to motivate the Mexican society to help the most needy, sick or lonely people around the country! What exactly is this help about?

A person who wishes to participate in the project must find a family or a person who living in poverty for whom he will provide basic food and hygiene products in sufficient quantity for at least two weeks. Among the most needed foods are bread, tortilla, rice, pasta, beans, eggs, vegetables and fruits (preferably canned), milk powder, seeds or nuts and food for dogs and cats, while cleaning products include antibacterial gels, face masks and soap.

(from the left: Vanessa Ponce de León and Ximena Navarette, photos: Vanessa Ponce de León/Facebook, Ximena Navarette/Instagram)

The action was quickly publicized in social and traditional media. In addition to the five beauty queens mentioned above, other beauty contest winners and organizers of national and state pageants have become involved in the campaign. Their support for the project are expressed by Lupita Jones (Señorita México 1990 and Miss Universe 1991 and currently director of Mexicana Universal) and Miss Mexico Pageant organizers.

(from the left: Andrea Toscano, Sofia Aragón, Denisse Franco, photos: Andrea Toscano, Sofia Aragón, Denisse Franco/Instagram)

Here is a list of some Mexican beauty queens who have so far taken part in the “Crowns against the Virus” campaign: Ximena Hita (Miss Aguascalientes 2019), Rocio Carillo (Miss Chiapas 2019), Itzel Astudillo (Miss Chiapas 2020), Georgina Vargas (Miss Coahuila 2019), Alejandra Avila (Miss Nayarit 2019), Isabel Ruiz (Miss Guerrero 2019), Valerie Bartsch (Miss Puebla 2019), Andrea Munguia (Miss Veracruz 2019), Ayaram Ortiz (Miss Sonora 2019), Karolina Vidales (Miss Michoacan 2019),  Brenda Smith (Mexicana Universal Ciudad de Mexico 2019), Debora Hallal (Mexicana Universal Sinaloa 2019), Luzma Jimenez (Mexicana Universal Guanajuato 2019), Andrea Meza (Mexicana Universal Chihuahua, 1st Runner-Up of Miss World 2017), Paulina Ruiz (Mexicana Universal Chiapas 2019), Grisel Ramirez (Mexicana Universal Morelos 2019), Marilyn Chagoya (representative of Mexico in Miss World 2013), Victoria Chacón (participant of Miss Teen Mundial Veracruz), Litzy Martinez (Teen Universe Michoacan 2019).

(from the left: Paulina Ruiz and Grisel Ramirez with donations for the needy, photos: Mexicana Universal Chiapas/Instagram, Mexicana Universal Morelos/Instagram)

(from the left: Georgina Vargas and Ayaram Ortiz with donations for the needy, photos: Georgina Vargas/Instagram, Ayaram Ortiz/Instagram)

(from the left: Luzma Jimenez and Alejandra Avila with donations for the needy, photos: Luzma Jimenez/Instagram, Alejandra Avila/Instagram)



PHOTO. Vanessa Ponce de León/Facebook

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