Regina Peredo is originator of the “Yo Te Escucho” campaign. Mexican beauty queens join forces against domestic violence!

Regina Peredo – winner of the Reina Hispanoamericana 2019 international competition decided to draw attention to the problem of domestic violence during quarantine. In her action called “I hear you” (Spanish “Yo Te Escucho”), she engaged other Mexican and foreign beauty queens who provide on the network telephone numbers that victims of violence can call and tell about the ordeal they are experiencing! 

Specialists inform that during quarantine caused by a coronavirus pandemic, the problems of domestic violence increased significantly. Unfortunately, the victims are closed under one roof with their torturers and have no chance to defend themselves. Often in such cases, the only chance is for them to talk with another person, tell them about the nightmare which they are experiencing, and draw attention to the problem.

Regina Peredo is a Mexican model, winner of the Mexicana Hispanoamericana title and winner of the Reina Hispanoamericana 2019 international competition. She contributes socially and charity. She is a member of the UPEC association, which includes, among other on the problem of women’s empowerment. Hence the idea of ​​publicizing the issue of domestic violence and providing support to victims. Everyone, regardless of gender, can call to the person involved in the #YoTeEscucho action and tell about the nightmare which experiences while living under one roof with an aggressor!

(Regina Peredo – originator of the “Yo Te Escucho” campaign, photo: Miss Mexico News/Instagram)

To take part in the campaign, all you have to do post on your social media a photo with one hand on your heart and the other one raised vertically in front of you (on a raised hand there should be a hashtag with the inscription #YoTeEscucho). The photo should also include the telephone number of the foundation or organization which dealing with victims of domestic violence.

In addition to Regina Peredo, in the campaign took part other Mexican beauty queens, including Andrea Meza (Miss Mexico 2017 and 1st Runner-Up of Miss World 2017, now Mexicana Universal Chihuahua 2019), Lupita Jones (Señorita México 1990 and Miss Universe 1991), Ximena Navarette (Nuestra Belleza México 2009 and Miss Universe 2010), Ivanna Diaz (Mexicana Universal Campeche 2019), Paulina Herrera (Mexicana Universal Durango 2019), Adriana Zacarías (Mexicana Universal Michoacán 2019), Grisel Ramirez (Mexicana Universal Morelos 2019), Estefanía Ruíz (Mexicana Universal Veracruz 2019), Paulina Ruiz (Mexicana Universal Chiapas 2019), Grisela Garzón Quiroz (Mexicana Universal Hidalgo 2019), Grecia Victoria Soto (Mexicana Universal Zacatecas 2019), Natalia Elizarráras (Mexicana Universal Yucatán 2019), Ana Lucila Linaje (Mexicana Universal Coahuila 2019), Ana Luisa Martínez (Mexicana Universal San Luis Potosí 2019), Nathalia Martínez (Mexicana Universal Sonora 2019), Andrea Bazarte (Mexicana Universal Nuevo León 2019) and many others!

(from the left: Lupita Jones and Ximena Navarrete in the “Yo Te Escucho” action, photos: Lupita Jones/Instagram, Ximena Navarette/Instagram)

(from the left: Andrea Meza and Ivanna Diaz in the “Yo Te Escucho” action, photos: Mexicana Universal Chihuahua/Instagram, Mexicana Universal Campeche/Instagram)

“Yo Te Escucho” campaign also reached beyond the borders of Mexico. Beauty queens and women from Argentina, Aruba, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Honduras, Puerto Rico and Venezuela got involved in it.

(The campaign ‘Yo Te Escucho’ reached to Panama and Venezuela, photos: Linette Clement/Instagram, Reina Hispanoamericana/Instagram)

Dears! It is not uncommon for domestic violence to affect people who we know. Our relatives, friends, acquaintances or neighbors may be victims or executioners. Let’s not be passive! If we see that someone hurt, let’s not be afraid to intervene. Let us show victims of domestic violence that we are with them. That we listen to them!

(Adriana Zacarías, Ana Lucila Linaje, Grecia Soto, photos: Mexicana Universal Michoacán, Mexicana Universal Coahuila, Mexicana Universal Zacatecas/Instagram)


PHOTO. Miss Mexico News/Instagram

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