Another installment of the “Crown from Head” campaign! Winners of Miss Polonia and sponsors are helping for the needy again!

Hospice of the Society of Friends of the Sick in Puławy, Child and Family Support and Care Center in Olsztyn, Children’s Home No. 5 in Łódź, Children’s Home No. 4 in Warsaw and Children’s Home No. 16 in Warsaw these are the next institutions that received packages with the most  necessary groceries , hygiene and medical from sponsors and winners of the Miss Polonia pageant. This time, except Karolina Bielawska to the action joined also Milena Sadowska, Barbara Tatara, Aleksandra Kielan, Karina Nowak and Iwetta Baran. 

The world has been struggling with a coronavirus pandemic for over two months. Unfortunately, the situation contributed to a sudden and significant increase in prices of basic personal protective equipment, including protective masks or hand gels and liquids. Institutions such as children’s homes or hospices have a serious problem to provide necessary items for employees and pupils on their own. They often have to count on the support of people from outside. Sponsors and organizers of the “Crown from Head” action initiated by the Igo-Art agency and Karolina Bielawska – Miss Polonia 2019 pulled out a helping hand.

On Tuesday, May 5 took place the second edition of the “Crown from Head” campaign. Among the sponsors who supported those in need were the OLMED drugstore, E. Leclerc supermarket and hypermarket network, designer Angelika Józefczyk, La Perle Wedding Fashion Gallery, the Brandenburg Online clothing company, the Omenaa Foundation, the InPost courier company, the Premium Digital IT company, the ARSA Pasja & Kolor printing house and Laik Knows Produkcja photo and film company.

(Cartons with donations from sponsors, photo: Miss Polonia)

Packages with necessary food, hygiene and personal protection products went to the Hospice of the Society of Friends of the Sick in Puławy, Child and Family Support and Care Center in Olsztyn and Children’s Home No. 5 in Łódź. Karolina Bielawska – Miss Polonia 2019, Barbara Tatara-Kacperska – Miss Polonia 2007 and Iwetta Baran – participant of the Miss Polonia 2019 delivered it to the institutions.

(from the left: Barbara Tatara-Kacperska and Karolina Bielawska with donations for the needy, photo: Miss Polonia)

Ten days later, on Friday, May 15 took place the third edition of the “Crown from Head” action. This time Milena Sadowska – Miss Polonia 2018 went to two Children’s Homes in Warsaw.

(Milena Sadowska with donations from OLMED drugstore, photo: Miss Polonia)

Packages with food products, sweets, cosmetics, as well as masks and cleaning agents for disinfection funded by the OLMED drugstore, Marconi Fashion, designer Angelika Józefczyk and Milena Sadowska have been brought to the children and carers of Children’s Home No. 4 and Children’s Home No. 16.

(Milena Sadowska with donations for needy children, photo: Miss Polonia)

According to the organizers of the Miss Polonia pageant, the campaign is not over yet! There are still many outlets that will need support! Organizers encourage all those in need and sponsors to report to the email address:


PHOTO. Miss Polonia

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