1st Runner-Up of Miss Polonia in the „Crown from Head” campaign. Aleksandra Kielan helps in Częstochowa!

On Monday, May 25 took place the next installment of the „Crown from Head” campaign. This time, in helping those in need got involved Aleksandra Kielan – 1st Runner-Up of Miss Polonia 2019 and Miss Charm Poland 2020. Beautiful resident of Częstochowa provided the most necessary hygiene products for those under the care of the Social Welfare Home in Częstochowa and some time later started to help those under the care of Częstochowa’s Hospice. Donors were donated by the chain of stores Lewiatan, VitaDiet Polska, Teofilów S.A, and the Dzięsiątka company. 

Four Czestochowa’s Lewiatan stores joined to the „Crown from Head” campaign and funded bottled water, fifty liters of disinfectant liquid and five hundred protective masks. Donations went to people in need from the Social Welfare Home in Częstochowa. Donations were provided by Aleksandra Kielan – 1st Runner-Up of Miss Polonia 2019 and Miss Charm Poland 2020, who will represent Poland in this year’s Miss Charm International pageant in Vietnam.

However in this week, Aleksandra Kielan went to the Częstochowa’s Hospice that to give protective masks, disinfectants and various supplements for patients.  The founders of these articles were the VitaDiet Polska brand producing dietary supplements and the Teofilów S.A. company producing and selling high-quality knitwear.

(Aleksandra Kielan – first from the right – during donations giving for the Hospice in Częstochowa, photo: Miss Polonia/Facebook)

It is worth remembering that this is not the end of the campaign! Sponsors willing to help and institutions and organizations that need this help are still in demand! The organizers of the Miss Polonia pageant who initiated the „Crown from Head” action are waiting for applications!


PHOTO. Miss Polonia/Facebook

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