Miss Polonia 2020 OPEN eliminations is underway! SMS voting for the third group of girls is started!

On Monday, June 15, the organizers of the Miss Polonia pageant announced in social media about the start of the Miss Polonia 2020 OPEN elimination! In the selection of semi-finalists will help internet users who can vote for their favorites. The girl who receives the most votes in each group will automatically advance to the semi-finals of Miss Polonia 2020! The remaining semi-finalists will be selected by the jury. Until the following Tuesday, 23 June voting for girls from group C is underway.

On Monday, June 15, the next stage of elimination for this year’s edition of the most prestigious beauty contest in Poland – Miss Polonia has started. Girls who have entered the competition so far have been divided into groups and will take part in the Miss Polonia 2020 OPEN qualifying rounds. This time, the decision about who will advance to the semi-final will also belong to the Internet users! It is they will select the semi-finalists by SMS voting.

On Wednesday, June 17 we met a third group of fourteen participants. Until the nearest Tuesday, i.e. 23 June, they will compete for Internet users’ votes. The winner of the vote who receives the largest number of SMSes will be automatically promoted to the next stage – the Miss Polonia semi-final! The remaining semi-finalists from each group will be selected by a jury.

Below are the silhouettes of next fourteen girls who are fighting for advance to the semi-final of Miss Polonia. I encourage you to cast votes!


1) Oliwia Dembska, 22 years, Warsaw, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.1 on No. 73601

2) Nicole Nowak, 19 years, Poznań, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.2 on No. 73601


3) Magdalena Grosman, 24 years, Słupca, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.3 on No. 73601

4) Adrianna Świtaj, 25 years, Warsaw, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.4 on No. 73601


5) Anna Macias, 24 years, Szczecin, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.5 on No. 73601

6) Weronika Wojciechowska, 20 years, Brwinów, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.6 on No. 73601


7) Kinga Dębska, 24 years, Warsaw, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.7 on No. 73601

8) Oliwia Drożdż, 20 years, Budy Janowskie, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.8 on No. 73601


9) Agata Jarosz, 23 years, Świdnik, SMS: MISSPOLONIA. C.9 on No. 73601

10) Agata Burzyńska, 21 years, Warsaw, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.10 on No. 73601


11) Paulina Lenartowicz, 20 years, Warsaw, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.11 on No. 73601

12) Dominika Wnuk, 18 years, Poznań, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.12 on No. 73601


13) Ania Wojdas, 22 years, Warsaw, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.13 on No. 73601

14) Karolina Ciuk, 23 years, Reguły, SMS: MISSPOLONIA.C.14 on No. 73601



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