Miss Earth 2020 will be selected in November in a virtual competition?

Everything points to the fact that this year’s, jubilee edition of the Miss Earth pageant will be virtual! According to reports, the pageant will to start in the first week of September and will last until Sunday, November 8. Both the grouping and the grand finale are to take place online and be broadcast on internet! And all this in order not to expose the candidates to the danger associated with the coronavirus pandemic. 

The coronavirus pandemic, which the whole world has been struggling with for several months, has had a negative impact on the organization of beauty contests. Many of this year’s editions have been postponed, and some have even been canceled or canceled until next year! But there were organizers who decided to take a chance and organize virtual competitions, during which all activities, presentations of candidates and even finals take place online! The latter group includes representatives of Carousel Productions, the organization that is owns the Miss Earth and Miss Earth Philippines competitions.

On Saturday, July 11 on the web has appeared an interview with Lorraine Schuck, executive vice president of Carousel Productions,  who suggesting that this year’s Miss Earth pageant will be organized virtually.

In this year is the jubilee, 20th edition of the Miss Earth pageant, which has been held regularly in the Philippines since 2001. Due to this jubilee, the Carousel Productions, which is organizers of the pageant do not want to cancel or postpone the pageant for next year. But they also do not want to expose candidates to a long journey and the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. So, they came up with the idea that both the grouping and the final of the Miss Earth 2020 pageant could take place virtually and be broadcast online.

As Lorraine Schuck announced, the grand finale, which will end with the coronation of the new Miss Earth is initially scheduled for Sunday, November 8. It will be preceded by a two-month grouping that will start in the first week of September. During it, participants will take part in various types of activities, but all of this will be completely online! Moreover, the candidates will be divided into four groups according to time zones, so that girls from each group can complete tasks at the same time.

The organizers of the Miss Earth pageant expect that in this year’s edition take part 90 candidates from all over the globe. So far, sixteen countries have chosen their delegates. These are: South Africa, Belgium, Philippines, France, Greece, Guyana, Honduras, Costa Rica, Crimea, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Marshall Islands and Zambia.



PHOTO. Miss Earth Beauties/Facebook

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    The idea of countries competing for Miss Earth and changing the way of living in their country for the before
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