Miss World 2020 will not take place! Final of Miss World only in the second half of 2021!

On Friday, July 24 in the world of beauty contests circulated the electrifying information  – this year’s, jubilee edition of the oldest and most prestigious contest in the world – Miss World will not take place! The organizers decided to move the jubilee, 70th edition to the second half of next year. All because of the coronavirus pandemic raging in the world. Especially that the health of participants and everyone involved in the organization of the event is a priority for the Miss World Organization. 

It happened what fans of beauty contest feared the most. The national organizers, who are responsible for the selection and delegation of representatives to the Miss World pageant, received information from the Miss World Organization, which clearly shows that the jubilee edition of this oldest and most prestigious beauty contest will not be held in this year! To blame for everything is the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions associated with it!

„Holding such an international event requires migration formalities, which are currently suspended in large parts of the world, same the priority is to ensure for the health of the participants of this wonderful event, in such a special edition as the 70th anniversary of the biggest and oldest pageant  in the world.” – we can read on the website of the Miss Mexico pageant’s organizers, who are responsible for the selection and delegation of the Mexican representative to the Miss World pageant.

The jubilee, 70th edition of the Miss World pageant was to be held in the last quarter of this year, in Thailand. Interestingly, this Asian country was to be host of this pageant in 2019, but then the grouping and the final were moved to England.

Carried over to next year, the jubilee 70th edition of the Miss World pageant will coincide with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the pageant, because the first edition of Miss World took place in 1951!

So far, the Miss World Organization has not issued an official statement regarding the cancellation of this year’s contest, exactly so we do not know when the next edition of the competition will take place. According to unofficial reports, it will most likely be the last quarter of next year, i.e. the turn of October and December 2021. It is also not known whether Thailand will be the host of the pageant.

So far, thirteen national organizers have selected their delegates. Among the girls selected to participate in the 70th edition of Miss World, there are representatives of countries such as Belgium, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Spain, Indonesia, Cameroon, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Nicaragua, POLAND, Rwanda and Senegal.



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