Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze won the Miss Earth Nigeria 2020 pageant!

On Saturday, August 15 took place the final of the Miss Earth Nigeria 2020 pageant. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, both this event and the entire edition of this year’s Nigerian beauty pageant were virtual and were broadcast on the organizers’s official social media. The winner of Miss Earth Nigeria 2020 pageant is 22-year-old Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze, who will represent Nigeria in the 20th edition of Miss Earth in this year November! 

The Miss Earth Nigeria 2020 beauty pageant is over! This year’s, 19th edition of the competition was virtual. This means that all the events and mini-competitions organized as part of this pageant, as well as the grand finale were held remotely and were broadcast on the internet via social media.

In the final competition for the Miss Earth Nigeria 2020 crown and the right to represent the country in the international beauty pageant of Miss Earth 2020 competed fifteen candidates. From June to August, through videos, they represented their charms in swimsuits, resorts wears, Nigerian cultural attire and of course  evening gowns! And on Saturday, August 15, they took part in the online grand finale! During the event which was broadcast live on Facebook was selected the winner of pageant. She is 22-year-old Gwen Chioma Ifeanyieze!

(Miss Earth Nigeria 2020, photo: Miss Earth Nigeria/Facebook)

Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze is 180 cm tall and comes from the Enugu state. She is a graduate of plant science and biotechnology at the prestigious University of Nigeria in Nsukka. She works as a model, and also cooperates with the government agency NESREA, ie the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency. She is interested in entrepreneurship and advocacy, and her hobbies include modeling, opera singing, listening to music, meeting with friends and spending free time with her family.

Gwen is very committed to ecology. She is a staunch opponent of the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture, so she created a project called „Waste to Wealth with Putrescible Waste”, which aims to promote the production of organic manure from putrescible waste for agriculture, for healthier productivity, reduction of domestic waste and help keep the environment clean!

„As a newly crowned representative of her country Nigeria to the Miss Earth International Beauty Pageant, she hopes to use the platform to promote her project titled Waste to Wealth with Putrescible Waste, where she receives putrescible waste from people and gives incentives to promote and encourage them on the relevance of the use of putrescible waste. In turn, she produces compost and sells to farmers for better crop productivity.” – we can read in the information sent by the organizers of the Miss Earth Nigeria pageant. 

(Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze, photo: One Cliq Photography)

But it is not everything! Gwenivere intends to use her title to partner with the Ministry of the Environment of Enugu state and other Nigerian states to help local and state governments in managing municipal waste in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. She also wants to start a partnership with RecyclePoints Nigeria, which will help her educate people, influence proper plastic recycling and campaign for a project on using waste to generate electricity.

(Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze – Miss Earth Nigeria 2020, photos: Screw Photography, Miss Earth Nigeria/Instagram)

Winning in the Miss Earth Nigeria 2020 is not the only success, that Gwen has achieved in the pageant. The beautiful representative of the Enugu state can boast of successes in remotely organized mini competitions! She won a swimwear competition, a Nigerian cultural attire and evening gowns competition. However, she was second in theresort wears and talent competitions!

In addition to Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze, the TOP 5 of Miss Earth Nigeria 2020 pageant include: 25-year-old Olajumoke Becca Adetunji (2nd place, Miss Earth Air Nigeria 2020 title), 27-year-old Mbanusi Chidiogo Perpetua (3rd place, Miss Earth Water Nigeria 2020 title), 25-year-old Tammy Andoya (4th place, Miss Earth Fire Nigeria 2020 title) and 23-year-old Catherine Beredugo (5th place, Miss Earth Eco-Tourism Nigeria 2020 title).

(from the left: Olajumoke Becca Adetunji, Mbanusi Chidiogo Perpetua, Tammy Andoya and Catherine Beredugo, photos: Facebook, Instagram)

An interesting fact is that Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze took part in last year’s Miss Earth Nigeria contest! Then, she took 3rd place and won the title of Miss Earth Water Nigeria 2019!



PHOTO: Miss Earth Nigeria/Instagram

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