Anayansi De Gracia with the title of Miss Earth Panamá 2020!

On Saturday, August 22 there was a special coronation ceremony during which was crowned the new Miss Earth Panamá. Due to the fact, that this year’s edition of this panamian pageant was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the winner of the Miss Earth Panama 2020 title was appointed by the organizers. The crown and the right to represent country in the Miss Earth 2020 pageant were received by 20-year-old Anayansi De Gracia from the Chiriquí province! 

Miss Earth Panamá  2020 is another national beauty contest which was not held due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the organizers of the pageant chose a representative of Panama, who will take part in this year’s, jubilee 20th edition of Miss Earth! The coronation of the new miss took place on Saturday, August 22 and was broadcast on the social media of the Miss Earth Panamá competition.

(Anayansi De Gracia, photo: Gino Rovetto)

The title of Miss Earth Panamá 2020 was awarded to 20-year-old Anayansi Cristel De Gracia from El Flor de Dolega in the Chiriquí province. Anayansi is 170 cm tall. She is a student of the sixth semester of electromechanical engineering at the Technological University of Panama. She loves art and her hobbies are singing, dancing, drawing, painting with markers and designing of her own agends.

Before winning the title of Miss Earth Panama 2020, Anayansi competed in other beauty contests. She was participant in the Miss Latinoamérica Panamá and Miss Earth Chiriquí competitions.

It is worth knowing that Anayansi definitely fits in the idea which accompanies the Miss Earth pageant, and the fate of our planet is very important to her. This is evidenced by the fact that Miss Earth Panamá 2020 is actively fighting to include environmental education law as an official material in the basic study program at Panamanian universities. To this end, she even met with a deputy from the National Assembly of the Republic of Panama!

(Anayansi De Gracia in a swimsuit and evening gown, photos: Gino Rovetto, Miss Earth Panamá)

As Anayansi claims:  „The only way to truly solve environmental problems is through education. It is the only way to guarantee a real attack on the problems and to ensure that the environmental mentality of future generations is changed and made a real impact on their lives”.

(Miss Earth Panamá 2020 during her ecological activities, photo: Miss Earth Panamá)

It will soon be revealed whether Anayansi will be successful in the international arena during the prestigious pageant of Miss Earth 2020, which due to the coronavirus will take place virtually from September 29 to November 29.



PHOTO: Gino Rovetto

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