Emilia Lepomäki with the Miss Earth Finland 2020 title!

On Wednesday, August 12 in the social media of the Miss Earth Finland competitionn appeared the official information that 22-year-old Emilia Lepomäki was the winner of the Miss Earth Finland 2020 title. This means that Emilia was given the right to represent Finland in the jubilee, 20th edition of Miss Earth, which due to the coronavirus pandemic are completely virtual. 

Finland is another country that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, was unable to qualify for this year’s Miss Earth pageant. However, like most of the national organizers, the organizers of the Miss Earth Finland pageant have decided to appoint a girl, who will represent Finland in this year’s, jubilee 20th edition of the Miss Earth pageant. Information about who is the Miss Earth Finland 2020 will be posted on social media on Wednesday, August 12.

(Emilia Lepomäki, photo: Johan Fabricius Photography)

The Miss Earth Finland 2020 title went to 22-year-old Emilia Lepomäki. Emilia is 174 cm tall. She comes from Pori, but lives in Espoo. She is a graduate of business administration at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Vantaa. She works as a loan advisor at Danske Bank. She is also a model and previously earned money by working in a fast food restaurant and gas station. She also describes herself as an aspiring businesswoman.

Emilia’s greatest passions include spending time with family and friends, performing on stage, participating in photo shoots and traveling. Emilia also loves sports. She goes to the gym, runs and plays Pesäpallo, called “Finnish baseball”. From an early age, she is also interested in beauty contests.

The passion for beauty contests meant that Emilia had considerable experience in participating in them. In May 2018, she took part in the casting for the prestigious Finnish pageant of Miss Suomi and was promoted to the group of twenty semi-finalists. A year later, in August 2019, she took part in the Miss Eloveena (Miss EW) 2019 competition, the idea of ​​which is to choose the most natural girl in the country, therefore the participants are prohibited from using cosmetic treatments, tattoos, hair extensions and false eyelashes.

(Emilia Lepomäki in a swimsuit and evening gown, photos: Matti Härö, Jussi Ketola)

But these are not the only pageants in which Emilia took part. In September 2019, she took part in the Miss Europe Continental Finland 2019 pageant, which she finished in 2nd place and winning the 1st Runner-Up title. At the same time, she was announced the winner of the Miss Eco Finland 2020 title and obtained the right to represent Finland in the Miss Eco International 2020 pageant (due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition was postponed to next year). However, in October 2019, she took part in the  Miss Tampere 2019 local competition. During the finals, she again took 2nd place and won the title of 1st Runner-Up in Miss Tampere 2019. The last competition in which Emilia took part before winning the Miss Earth Finland 2020 title was the Miss MP20 election selected during the motor show which took place at the turn in this year January and February.

(Emilia Lepomäki during the casting for Miss Suomi 2018, photo: Inka Soveri)

It is worth knowing that Emilia’s relative is Piritta Hagman – 1st Runner-Up in Miss Suomi (Miss Finland) 2003 and the winner of the Miss Scandinavia 2004 competition.

(from the left: Noora Manninen, Amanda Teuho, Emilia Lepomäki – TOP 3 in the Miss Tampere 2019 beauty contest, photo: Eriika Ahopelto)

It will soon be revealed whether the beautiful Emilia Lepomäki will be successful in the Miss Earth 2020 virtual pageant, which started at the end of September, with the final taking place virtually on Sunday, November 29. The appetite for success is even greater because Emilia is the first Finnish woman in eight years to participate in the Miss Earth pageant, and for the last time the representative of Finland took part in this pageant in 2012!



PHOTO: Johan Fabricius Photography

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