Brittany Dickson won the Miss Earth Australia 2020 title!

On Friday, August 21, in the social media of the Miss Earth Australia pageant appeared the official information that 25-year-old Brittany Dickson was the winner of the Miss Earth Australia 2020 title and obtained the right to represent Australia in the jubilee 20th edition of the Miss Earth pageant, which in this year are completely virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new Miss Earth Australia was crowned during a special event held on Sunday, September 20. 

The coronavirus pandemic meant that the organizers of the Miss Earth Australia contest did not undertake the organization of this year’s edition of the competition. However, this does not mean that they have resigned from electing the Australian delegate, who will take part in the Miss Earth 2020 pageant. On the contrary! The winner of the Miss Earth Australia 2020 title was selected from among three girls, who advanced to the final five during the Miss Earth Australia 2019 final! The best of them turned out to be Brittany Dickson!

(Brittany Dickson, photo: Dave Choo)

Brittany Dickson is 25 years old and 175 cm tall. She was born and grew up in Sydney. She is a graduate of BA studies in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience (majoring: Wildlife and Conservation) at the University of Sydney. She works as a model.

Brittany loves nature. She is fascinated by everything related to animals and the environment. She is passionate about environmental protection, especially of endangered animals. As a student she participated in research on the feeding of Common Myna or the behavior of sharks from Port Jackson. Furthermore, Brittany volunteers and works with many animal-friendly organizations such as the Animal Welfare League, Save the Tasmanian Devil Organization, and Greening Australia. She also takes part in many cleanup actions, tree planting actions and fundraising campaigns.

Brittany is also an ambassador for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and she is actively involved in fundraising for further disease awareness, research and advocacy efforts. She also defeated cancer herself – in July 2017, she was diagnosed with a brain cancer.

(Brittany Dickson in a swimsuit and evening gown, photos: Asher Mendigorin, Elyse Potter Photography, Ronell Amper)

In her spare time, Brittany enjoys swimming, diving, spending time in outdoors, as well as singing and dancing. In high school, she even worked as a dance coach and captain for a cheerleading squad.

Before winning the Miss Earth Australia 2020 title, Brittany competed in the Australian qualifying rounds for Miss Earth twice! She was very close to winning the crown in September 2017, when she took 2nd place during the Miss Earth Australia 2017 final and won the Miss Earth Australia Air 2017 title.

(from the left: Brittany Dickson, Nina Robertson, Riley Aston i Kelsey McAlpine – TOP 4 in Miss Earth Australia 2017, photo: Mishmish Photography)

Two years later, in September 2019, Brittany once again entered the Miss Earth Australia crown. This time, she took 5th place and won the Miss Charity Australia 2019 title.

(from the left: Brittany Dickson, Karyn Xie, Susana Downes, Sheridan Mortlock, Pauline Chapman – TOP 5 in Miss Earth Australia 2019, photo: David Literato)

Happiness has smiled on Brittany in this year! As the world began fighting the coronavirus pandemic, many events were canceled, including beauty pageants. However, the organizers of the Miss Earth Australia pageant decided to select a girl, who will represent Australia in the Miss Earth 2020 pageant. Therefore, to compete for the title they invited women, who took places in the top five in the last year’s competition . Among them was Brittany, who turned out to be the best in all three phases of this year’s qualifying round!

Brittany Dickson’s coronation took place one month after her announcement as Miss Earth Australia 2020 winner. The coronation event was held on Sunday, September 20 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. In addition to Brittany, the titles were taken by Sheridan Mortlock (Miss Air Australia 2020) and Karyn Xie (Miss Water Australia 2020).

(from the left: Sheridan Mortlock, Brittany Dickson and Karyn Xie – TOP 3 in Miss Earth Australia 2020 fot. Dave Choo)

It will soon be revealed whether the beautiful and strongly committed to the affairs of the environment Brittany will be successful in the Miss Earth 2020 virtual pageant, which started at the end of September, and its final will take place virtually on Sunday, November 29.



PHOTO: George Azmy/700 500 Photography

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