Support for the Polish Women’s Strike against the tightening of the abortion law!

On for almost a week on the streets of Polish cities and towns has been going a WALKOUT. Thousands of Polish women are protesting against the almost complete ban on abortion introduced by the Polish Constitutional Tribunal. In the opinion of the people, who governing our country, women should not have the right to terminate the pregnancy, even if there is a high probability of severe and irreversible impairment of the fetus or an incurable life-threatening disease. Polish politicians and priests want to force Polish women to give birth to crippled children who have no chance of survival and thus condemn not only their children, but also themselves to great pain and suffering! 

As the author of a website about beauty contests, writing the vast majority about women and interviewing with women, who dared to fulfill their dreams and decide for themselves, I DECLARE THAT I SUPPORT THE NATIONAL WALKOUT OF WOMEN IN 100%.

Please do not give up. Do not allow anyone to decide for you about your life and to interfere in it! Fight for your freedom, independence and the right to decide for yourself and your body. It is only up to you to decide whether you will take the trouble to raise a seriously ill, deformed child or decide to end its suffering before it starts to feel pain!

At the same time, I am making a huge request to the winners and participants of beauty contests. Girls! It doesn’t matter, what religion, orientation or skin color You have and what you think about abortion. It is the time for you to join forces and fight for your rights. Remember, that you all are beautiful, brave and unique!

Women Don’t let for anyone limit your rights. Each of you has the right to decide for yourself! Don’t be afraid to express your opinions and the values ​​which you represent out loud!

Men! You don’t criticize your women and don’t limit them. Support them in this fight!


With deepest respect and wishes a great deal of strength for all women fighting for their rights,

Kamil Gużewski – author of the Imperium Miss – Empire of Miss website

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