Ana Milijanić won the Miss Earth Montenegro 2020 title!

On Saturday, August 22 in Etno Sela Stanišići in the Bijeljina city took place the final of the Miss Balkana 2020 contest, during which was chosen the winner of the Miss Earth Montenegro 2020 title. She is 24-year-old Ana Milijanić from Cetinje, who obtained the right to represent Montenegro in the jubilee, 20th edition of the Miss Earth pageant, which in this year is completely virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Miss Balkana is a beauty contest during which are selected the most beautiful women in the Balkans and representatives of the Balkan countries for various international beauty contests. During the finals, are selected, among others, representatives of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Miss Earth pageant.

The Miss Balkana 2020 final took place on Saturday, August 22 at Etno Sela Stanišići in the Bijeljina city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the highlights of the evening was the selection of the Miss Earth Montenegro 2020 title winner. She was 24-year-old Ana Milijanić!  

(Ana Milijanić, photo: Ana Milijanić/Instagram)

Ana Milijanić comes from Cetinje. She is a graduate of the Higher School of Tourism in Cetinje and currently studies at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management in Kotor. She works as a model. Her hobbies include learning, modeling, training, reading books and walking.

Ana Milijanić has experience in beauty contests. In May 2018, she took part in the final of Miss Montenegro 2018 (Miss Crne Gore 2018), during which, she won the Miss Internet of Miss Montenegro 2018 title (Miss interneta Crne Gore 2018). Later, She received the title of Miss Eco Montenegro 2019.


(Ana Milijanić in a swimsuit and evening gown during the Miss Balkana 2020 final, photos: Nikola Tadić Photography, Aleksandar Pavlović Photography)

As the winner of the  Miss Eco Montenegro title, Ana had the chance to represent her country in the international beauty contest. In March 2019, she took part in the Miss Eco International 2019 pageant in Egypt.

(Ana Milijanić during the Miss Eco International 2019 pageant in Egypt, photos: Ana Milijanić/Instagram)

Thanks to winning the crown of Miss Earth Montenegro 2020, Ana takes part in another international pageant, i.e. the prestigious Miss Earth beauty contest, which the jubilee, 20th edition started at the end of September, but is completely virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic! It will soon be revealed whether the beautiful representant of Montenegro will be successful during the Miss Earth 2020 final, which will take place on Sunday, November 29.

(Ana Milijanić as Miss Earth Montenegro 2020, photo: Nikola Tadić Photography)



PHOTO: Nikola Tadić Photography

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