Stephany Zreik is the winner of the Miss Earth Venezuela 2020 title!

On Thursday, August 27 during a specially organized event broadcast live by Venezuela’s Globovisión tv station was announced the name of the winner of the Miss Earth Venezuela 2020 title. She was 24-year-old Stephany Zreik, whose coronation took place during a special event organized on Thursday, September 17. In addition to the title and the crown, Stephany was granted the right to represent Venezuela in the 20th edition of Miss Earth, which this year is completely virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic! 

Venezuela is another country in which, due to the coronavirus pandemic, were not organized the grouping and final of national qualifications for this year’s edition of the Miss Earth international pageant. However, the organizers of the Miss Earth Venezuela contest did not resign from the selection of the Venezuelan representative and organized a special event, during which was announced the name of the winner of the Miss Earth Venezuela 2020 title!

The program called „Announcement of Miss Earth Venezuela 2020” took place on Thursday, August 27 and was broadcast live by the Venezuelan TV station of Globovisión. Both the presentation of the six finalists and the announcement of the result were remote. As the winner was announced 24-year-old Stephany Zreik!

(Stephany Zreik, photo: Guillermo Felizola)

Stephany Karina Zreik Torres is 173 cm tall. She was born in the  Maracaibo city, in the Zulia state but grew up in Valencia, in the Carabobo state. She graduated in law from the University of Carabobo in Valencia. She works as a lawyer and model. Her hobbies are beauty contests, eating healthy, being physically and mentally active, exercising and spending time with family and friends.

From childhood, Stephany dreamed of representing Venezuela in the international arena, and her passion for beauty contests allowed her to gain quite a bit of experience in this field.

In September 2016, Stephany represented the Miranda state in the National Queen of Tourism 2016 (Reina Nacional del Turismo 2016) competition. She did not win this competition, but she managed to win the the Queen of the Internet (Reina Internet) title and Navicu Girl (Chica Navicu) title awarded by the sponsor of the competition, the international travel company of!

In May 2017, she took part in the Miss Carabobo 2017 state’s competition, during which, she won special prizes for the best personality (Mejor Personalidad) and the best attitude (Mejor Actitud).

(Stephany Zreik in a swimsuit and evening gown, photos: Stephany Zreik/Instagram, Delio Chacón)

The breakthrough in Stephany’s life was undoubtedly the year of 2019. Then, she won the Miss Earth Miranda 2019 state’s title, which opened her the door to participation in the Miss Earth Venezuela 2019 national contest. Venezuelan qualifiers for the prestigious Miss Earth pageant took place in last year August. The competition had two phases – first, took place the Miss Supranational Venezuela 2019 final, during which Stephany was promoted to TOP 15 and three days later took place the Miss Earth Venezuela 2019 grand final, during which Stephany took 4th place and won the Miss Venezuela Fire 2019 title!

(from the left: Stephany Zreik, Michell Castellanos, Gabriela Coronado and Mariangel Tovar – TOP 4 in Miss Earth Venezuela 2019, photo: Miss Earth Venezuela/Instagram)

Stephany’s coronation as Miss Earth Venezuela 2020 took place on Thursday, September 17 and was broadcast live on Globovisión.

(Stephany Zreik after her coronation as Miss Earth Venezuela 2020, photos: Steven Rangel)

Stephany’s dream has come true and currently she is taking part in the prestigious Miss Earth international pageant, whose jubilee, 20th edition started at the end of September, but due to the coronavirus pandemic is completely virtual! It will soon be revealed whether the beautiful Venezuelan representative will be successful, during the Miss Earth 2020 final, which will take place on Sunday, November 29.



PHOTO: Steven Rangel

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