Ximena Hita is dead. Miss Aguascalientes was only 21 years old.

The New Year began with tragic news from Mexico. On Friday, January 1 on the social media of the Miss México Organization appeared information that Ximena Hita – Miss Aguascalientes 2019 and the finalist of the Miss México 2020/2021 pageant died at the age of 21! Who was she and what did she dream about the model, whose body was found on the first day of New Year in her own apartment? 

(Ximena Hita, photo: Miguel Coronado Fotografía)

Probably no one expected such news! On Friday, January 1 on the social media of the Miss México Organization appeared a post, which chilled the blood in the veins of all fans of this Mexican contest and caused great sadness in their hearts. Ximena Hita – the winner of the Miss Aguascalientes 2019 state’s competition and Miss México 2020/2021 finalist died at the age of 21. The model’s body was found in her apartment, most likely by her mother. The official cause of her death has not been disclosed, but the media around the world suggests that Ximena took her own life…

Ximena Luna Hita was from the Aguascalientes city. She was an technician of emergency medical technician and the bachelor student of nursing. She worked as a paramedic. She was also a model and TV presenter. She collaborated, among others with the local television station of Azteca Aguascalientes.

The World met Ximena in 2016, when she won the Miss Teenager Beauty Aguascalientes 2016 state’s contest. Later, she took part in Miss Teenager Beauty México 2016, and during the final of these national pageant was promoted to TOP 10. Three years later, in November 2019, Ximena was announced as one of the candidates for the Miss Aguascalientes title. In December of the same year, the girl from the Aguascalientes city, who tall a 170 cm, took part in the grouping of  the Miss Aguascalientes 2019 competition and quickly showed her potential! She won the 5k competition and also took 2nd place in the sports challenge.

(Ximena Hita on the first step of the podium in the 5k competition during the Miss Aguascalientes 2019 pageant, photo: Miss Aguascalientes/Facebook)

Finally, in January 2020, she won the title and the crown of Miss Aguascalientes 2019. This allowed for her to represent the Aguascalientes state in the Miss México 2020/2021 national pageant.

(Ximena’s coronation as Miss Aguascalientes 2019, photo: Carlos Reyes Fotografía)

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the final of the Miss México 2020 pageant, which was scheduled for October 31 last year was moved to Saturday, March 13 this year and the unexpected death of Ximena prevented her from continuing to fight for the crown of the most beautiful Mexican woman and the right to represent the country in the Miss World 2021 pageant.

(Ximena Hita – Miss Aguascalientes 2019, photo: Jameneth)

Nevertheless, Ximena had the opportunity to participate in several activities to prepare for the national pageant. In last year May, she competed in the organized online Catwalk Challenge, during which she was promoted to the second stage. In last year September, she took part in proficiency test of English language as well as a test of history and general knowledge of Mexico. However, she was very successful in the “Cara a Cara” (“Face to Face”) competition, during which were tested the candidates’s communication skills  through a series of online interviews. Ximena coped with it great and was promoted to TOP 4!

One of the greatest passions of the beautiful Miss Aguascalientes 2019 was helping. She proved it during the coronavirus pandemic, when she went to help for the most needy. She worked, among others as a volunteer in the preparation and distribution of meals.

(During the coronavirus pandemic Ximena Hita helped those in need, photos: Detrás de la corona, Miss Aguascalientes/Facebook)

She was also the founder of the “VICSEN” foundation and the creator of project entitled “VIDAS CON SENTIDO” (“Life with meaning”), under which she wanted to help thousands of children and adolescents, who are struggling with suicidal thoughts or have made an attempt to take their own life. The main goal of this project is to reduce the number of suicides among children and adolescents by making young patients aware that their lives make sense. The initiative provides for granting scholarships in the field of sport, culture and science and providing treatment by specialists.

Ximena’s biggest dream was to complete nursing studies and get an education in pediatric oncology. She wanted to take up master’s and doctoral studies, obtain the right to conduct classes in medical emergency and pass her knowledge to new generations… Unfortunately, she will not be able to fulfill these dreams …

(Ximena Hita during the Christmas photo session, photo: Gabi Díaz Infante)

In one of the post on the Miss México Organization social media, Ximena stated, that she would like Aguascalientes residents to remember her as a beauty queen who did something for her society, especially for young people and children. I sincerely hope that it will be like this …

Ximena Hita’s funeral took place on Saturday, January 2 at the Sanctuary de Guadalupe Aguascalientes. In the ceremony took part the closest family, friends and acquaintances of the beautiful model. During the ceremony, paramedics paid tribute to their deceased friend by circling her coffin and rewarding her with thunderous applause.

A few words from me:

Some time ago, I contacted with Ximena via Instagram and asked her to fill out a questionnaire with the most necessary information about her, which I wanted to publish on the Imperium Miss – Empire of Miss website. Ximena not only agreed, but also stated, that it would be a great honor for her. Unfortunately, her premature death interrupted our kind-hearted conversation.

Ximena, now it is my great honor to publish an article about you. Rest in peace!



PHOTO: Andrei Sansores Art

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