The Mexican national costume for the Miss Grand International 2020 pageant has been selected!

On Tuesday, this year January 26, the organizers of the Miss México pageant informed about choosing the national costume, which Ángela Yuriar – Miss Grand Mexico 2020 will present during this year’s, 8th edition of the Miss Grand International pageant in Thailand! The choice fell on the “Alebrije Sonorense” costume designed by Fernando Caballero! 

On February 28, the participants of this year’s Miss Grand International pageant will travel to Thailand to fight for the title of the most beautiful woman. No wonder, that national organizers reveal more and more details about their delegates. It is no different in Mexico, where the Miss México Organization regularly publishes photos of Ángela Yuriar – Miss Grand México 2020!

On Tuesday, January 26 in the social media of Miss México Organization appeared information about the national costume, which the Mexican representative will present during the Miss Grand International 2020 in Thailand. The choice of Mexican pageant organizers, who were responsible for choosing the national costume fell on the costume “Alebrije Sonorense” designed by Fernando Caballero!

The “Alebrije Sonorense” costume consists of wings trimmed with colorful, natural pheasant feathers. Between the wings there is a golden circle with the image of a green cactus, reminiscent of the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. The upper part of the costume is a huge deer head with white horns made of multi-colored sequins, which will be attached to Miss Mexico’s head. The whole costume is decorated not only with sequins and natural feathers but also with a thousand sparkling crystals! Additionally, in the hands of the beautiful Ángela Yuriar there will be rattles, which may suggest that the Mexican woman will perform a wild dance on stage!

(The current Miss Sonora – Ayram Ortíz presents Alebrije Sonorense’s costume, photos: Dave Tenorio)

The name of the costume designed by Fernando Caballero  refers to “alebrije”, a creature that is a combination of two animals or an earth animal which has wings and can fly. The costume was selected from among six projects, which advanced to the finals of the Best National Dress mini competition organized as part of the Miss México 2021 pageant.

Ángela Yuriar will present the “Alebrije Sonorense” costume to the world at the National Costume Competition, which will take place on Wednesday, March 24 during the Miss Grand International 2020 grouping. Does the Mexican costume have a chance to win the title of best national costume? We will find out in March!

(Ángela Yuriar, who will represent Mexico in the Miss Grand International 2020 pageant, photos: Sansores Art Salón, Fernando Heredia Fotografía)



PHOTO: Dave Tenorio

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